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A Puppy Raiser is responsible for teaching the puppy basic obedience, house and public manners, and socialization. The puppy raiser is also responsible for the veterinary care of the pup. However, many veterinarians will provide a discount or donate services because the puppy is in training to become an assistance dog.

Puppy Raisers are given the opportunity to meet the individual with whom the dog is partnered. They also receive the privilege of presenting the new team to the general public at graduation.

For more information, please read our informational brochure or feel free to contact Deb Tegethoff, Puppy Raiser Manager by calling, 785-325-2256, ext. 106 or email dtegethoff@ksds.org.

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Puppy raiser map

Did you know?

  • There are active KSDS puppy raisers in 12 states! States with active puppy raisers are in dark blue in the map above.
  • Most new puppy raisers say the reason they found out about KSDS and become a puppy raiser was because they met another KSDS puppy raiser!
  • Less than 10% of every dollar KSDS receives goes to administrative costs. This means over 90% of every donation goes to helping people with disabilities become more independent through canine assistance.
  • KSDS places assistance dogs throughout the United States. KSDS has placed over 500 dogs since its inception with teams in 32 states.
  • KSDS was the first school in the United States to train both guide dogs and service dogs at the same facility.
  • KSDS is very proud to be accredited by Assistance Dogs International.
  • Only purebred black and yellow Labrador retrievers and golden retrievers are used by KSDS. Each litter born is named based on a theme.

Support Groups:

Although the Puppy Raisers are spread throughout the United States, they strive to be there for each other. One way they do so is by creating support groups.

There are active groups in a variety of areas in Kansas including: Wichita, Lawrence, the Kansas City area, and Manhattan. There is also a support group in Iowa.


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*Applicants have the right to be considered for canine assistance regardless of race, sex, religion or creed and other categories protected by local law. All applicants, students and graduates are treated with respect and dignity in their interactions with staff, volunteers and any other constituents of KSDS Inc. Assistance Dogs.

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